Jon Meek Biography

Graphic Artist – Web Designer – Internet Programmer – Poet – Musician – Mystic

Jon has been living and working on the Internet since the early ‘90s. That means he has been involved with the Internet pretty much since its inception. He has spent most of this time as a Webmaster and programmer. Jon worked for various computer game companies during this time.

Jon has designed and coded award-winning sites. The Middle Earth site that he helped design and build for Sierra Online won the Yahoo Cool Site of the Week Award.

Jon enjoys the challenge of making each project different. This involves visual design as well as innovative function and the organization of information.

Jon has been involved in the Arts for most of his life. His father was a jazz musician and an actor / director in local circles. Jon began designing mockup album covers while in elementary school.

Recently Jon studied Web and Graphic Design at The Institute of Technology under the guidance of Dennis Lewis, who worked for Disney, designed various successful computer games and is a master artist.

Jon has been writing poetry for most of his life. He has been published in several college periodicals, as well as the San Francisco magazine Beatitude, the mouth piece of the Beat Generation.

Jon has also been playing music and composing songs for most of his life. He has performed in New Orleans, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and in the Sierra Foothills.

In the early ‘70s Jon discovered Yoga and started meditating. This has become a life long passion. He believes that direct experience of spiritual truths is both possible and necessary.

Jon wants to continue to be creative in every area of his life. He wants his work to be challenging. He thrives on the learning process. He wants a work environment that will be demanding and that will drive him to learn and grow.

Jon is very happily married. He currently lives with his beautiful wife, Cynthia, their daughter, Lindsay, and his mother, Bobbye.